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Setting the Tone for a New Season

Spring has arrived and a taste of warm weather announces another turn in the perennial cycle of seasons. The winter is over and the body, mind, and spirit are preparing to embrace the moist, warm, and exhilarating potential for new life. I climb the knoll to where my beehive sits and watch the winged inhabitants venture out, surveying the land for next year’s sustenance. The honeybees dance, telling of prospects for food. The energy is both excited and tentative. Similarly we find ourselves standing at this gate of springtime making uncertain steps into territory that is at once remembered and completely new. As the body slowly shakes off the slumber and protectiveness of the winter season we feel our way into what is unfolding before us.

Any healing or evolutionary process, whether personal or world-wide, requires a shedding of old patterns to embrace what is new, just as a snake sheds its old skin to continue to grow. With each chiropractic adjustment or cranio-sacral session there is a change to a more natural state as the body’s structure becomes more fluid, balanced and filled with life breath. The body has an inherent memory of this effortless state and responds to the adjustment because it is reminded of what is instinctive and natural. It is a process of simplification that takes time and attention. This is why chiropractors recommend frequent visits at the beginning of a healing process. Health emerges as old structures and patterns slowly depart, sometimes causing discomfort until they are ready to let go. The chiropractic adjustment encourages and supports the change from old patterns to new. The body is re-membering something it has known all along but has been silenced or distorted by overlying patterns that have become habitual. “We look back in longing for our previous comforts”, says the poet David Whyte, “which, for all their smallness and poverty, at least had the richness of familiarity.” As new patterns are encouraged through the chiropractic adjustment they take on a “richness of familiarity” that is more congruent with our deep knowing.

So the chiropractor’s job, or the job of any healer for that matter, is to support a return to the body’s wisdom. Chiropractors call this wisdom innate intelligence. I often get the image of someone turning a radio dial (before the digital era) trying to find the exact position that will bring in a clear signal. If the frequency is too high the sound is distorted. If the frequency is too low the sound is distorted. When the dial is set on the radio receiver that is identical to the frequency being broadcast by the transmitter the music coming through the speakers is crystal clear. With each chiropractic adjustment there is a fine tuning of the body’s structure. As old patterns are replaced by new ones the individual's structure is “tuned” to allow the optimal transmission of innate intelligence. Regardless of the problem or pain that may have prompted you to seek help, the free expression of your individual tone will help you deal more effectively with the problem. Your innate intelligence, with the assistance of chiropractic care, optimizes the way you function physiologically, mentally and emotionally.

As the sun lingers in the sky a few minutes longer each day we stand at the start of a new cycle of seasons. It is an invitation to embrace what lies ahead in the coming year. Chiropractic adjustments are especially helpful in making this transition from winter to spring. They can help set the tone for a new season.

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