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The Remarkableness of Being Alive

There's a question that's been capturing my attention lately: "What are the things that tell us that we're "on track" when we engage in a process of healing? What does "healing" mean?"

The conventional view is that when we feel better, when we are achieving certain goals, we're making progress. And yet it is also true that discomfort and uncertainty can be remarkable vehicles for dislodging our fixed ideas, leading to possibilities for healing on the deepest level that we could not have imagined.

Even when were dealing with physical pain, the solution to resolving chronic issues often lies outside of the way we may have been approaching the problem for years. It is very exciting for me to observe in my practice (and in my own life) flashes of insight that could not have shown up in the field of a conditioned way of doing things.

This morning I heard a talk by the author Byron Brown that seems to point in the direction that creates conditions for healing on a deep level. In the space of sensing and feeling what's going on in the moment, we have the capacity to bring our aliveness to whatever is needed for healing that's grounded in what is essential.

We can begin to tap into this by slowing down, by being present to the sensations of our body and breath, to the feelings and longings arising from the heart and the flashes of insight that is the product of a calm mind.

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