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Nature does not hurry
Yet everything is accomplished
---Lao Tsu---

Many people are seeking an alternative to the impersonal, "quick fix" solutions offered in response to our heath care needs. I believe that providing sufficient time to properly address health concerns without distraction yields results that are long lasting, less costly and more effective. For this reason I have developed a protocol that is attentive to the individual needs of each client.

I became a Chiropractor and Cranio-Sacral therapist to be able to bring together the best aspects of both disciplines through the light-touch contact of Cranio-Sacral therapy and the Chiropractic adjustment. I have added a third element to my practice, Neuro Emotional Technique which effectively locates and re-integrates patterns of unresolved stress in the body.

NET also addresses nutrition (what the body needs and doesn't have) and toxicity (what is in the body and shouldn't be there). This comprehensive approach to health consistently yields powerful and often permanent results, frequently with chronic and complex conditions.

By addressing the cause upstream instead of managing symptoms downstream, bound up stress dissolves releasing its energy to support rather than drain the system. As a result you experience relaxation, clarity and well being. Physiological processes improve because the barriers to health are removed allowing the unobstructed expression of your inherent innate intelligence. The result is a shift from pain and discomfort to vitality, ease and the warmth of true connection that is your birthright.

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